Freelancing's Best

I have to admit that I am very new at freelancing though I have had small gigs in the past that span hours or days. After doing a ton of research, I realized that the most amazing talent network is Toptal Web Engineering Network, and that is definitely a place I want to list with. After others that have had the experience here, it looks as if TopTal can keep you very busy. I may be able to finally leave the cubical behind and innovate with the best in technologies I am passionate about.

It's a nerve racking experience starting your own gig. Early on I knew I wanted to be an engineer/developer, so striving to become one of the best full stack developer was always my goal. Another goal is working for myself, but finding the clients to fill the gaps in my availability has never been simple. That's where TopTal comes in, they work on being the best placement company. I trust and see that they have a very good reputation with clients and their list is very long, much longer than a client list I can build this quickly.

I hope to get through the application process. After spending many years starting my own things and working for other large companies, it seems that I may finally do what I do best... innovate for great companies through the TopTal network using today's technologies. That's why I want it!